Was I giving off signals?

OK, so I was hanging out with this guy and we were swimming at my lake. I was just having a good time messing around and swimming with him, not to mention we went jet skiing on my jet skis for a while.

Later that night we go inside and watch the fast and the furious. During this whole time I was just hanging out with him like I would any of my other friends. All of a sudden he kisses me and says that he had been waiting all day to do that because of the way I was flirting with him... WTF?! I didn't even realize that I was flirting, so can you guys tell me, what the hell you think that flirting is, because I didn't think that I was giving off any signals.


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  • lmao, suck for you. It's not like we were there to see if you were flirting or not. So it's up to you to figure it out. Do you like him at all?

    • Not like that, I only see him as a friend.

      could you just tell me what you think flirting is!?

  • just that you were hanging out only with him the whole day.

    • What?!?! I hang out with all of my other friends for whole days sometimes, and yes some of them are guys

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    • I wasn't even close to laying on him, we were sitting on opposite sides of the couch!

    • Thn that guy must really have wanted you to like him.

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