Dates go AWOL - what is wrong with me or them!!!

So tonight I was meant to be on a date from the internet, it was arranged over a week ago for this evening as he was going away on holiday but got back sometime this week. Anyway I never heard anything upon his return, nothing at all to make arrangements. Still haven't heard anything. Is there something wrong with me or is it just them being useless.

So can I ask then, as he went away on holiday, and as I was the last person to text - was I right to wait to hear from him to make arrangements? Me thinks UK men (not all to be fair) are very lazy and want everything to come to them.


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  • definitely them not you darling. don't let it upset you!

    • So if that's the case WTF can I do about it!!! Arrrgghhh.......when did dating become so frustrating....oh yeah that's right its being in the UK and most brit guys.

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    • Give it a rest you lot! :o)

    • Go read some of his other comments... if you approve, the you are weird as well... lol

      im sorry mrs question asker lol no more comments I promise

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  • We're not all like that. He knows that you don't really know him, so he can do what he likes without any comeback. Many women that date via the internet (present company excepted) treat men exactly the same. It's too impersonal and too anonymous, so, as the other guy said, don't bother with it. Try and find something closer to home.

  • I know a few people that tried internet dating and had experiences like this. It's just too anonymous as people hide behind their internet identity, which is probably a false one, anyway. In reality, that 32 year old high flying company executive is probably a 58 year guy who clears poop from blocked drains. Remember also, that if you arrange to meet, they can observe you from a distance without you seeing them-across a crowded bar, for example. This may make them lose their nerve and leave (I'm not suggesting you're scary or anything, but you know what I mean!) You don't really know them, so if they don't feel like continuing the communication, then they won't. Internet dating is just an unreliable system and you shouldn't expect too much from it. Its also a bit risky, but I'm sure you're wise enough to put a few safeguards in place when you arrange a date. Your picture's a bit small but you look like a very nice lady so my advice would be to forget this guy and find someone who gives you the respect that you deserve. You're also one of the few people on this site who is a fellow Brit, so there you are, you've got a fan straight away! Good luck.


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