Is a Talkitive girl a turn off?

Im the type of date that the conversation never stops, I always have something to talk about or say, since I can't stand silence, plus I'm a excitable person.Do I need to tone it down a bit to catch a good guy or will someone appreciate me the way I am?


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  • I can only speak for myself, but I'll be honest. I find jumpy, noisy girls that don't stop talking a pain in the a**. They're always very self-obsessed and thinks that everyone wants to hear about what they've been doing, etc. My advice would be to calm down a bit and listen occasionally instead of talking all the time. Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, I'm sure you're a very nice person, really!

    • Thx for the honest cause what I'm doing isn't really workin that well hehehe

What Girls Said 1

  • its not exactly a bad thing to do but remember to let the guy talk. you want to get to know each other and do not tell him too much of yourselves during the first few days. being a little mysterious is a good thing. let him ask you questions here and there, if he does most likely he is interested.


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