Why do guys act this way (not all)?

He won't text me at all but he will answer the text messages I send him and after a few then he will just stop texting me. another thing it wasn't always like this he all of a sudden started doing this. He told me he was messing up with me but that he didn't want to stop talking either but yet he won't text me


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  • i have the same problem! Except he didn't say he didn't want to stop talking.

    • I am joining the club...He texts me himself but when I reply back kinda cuts me off.U know what I did,told him to stop txting me because it was confusing.I figured if he really likes me he'll come around anyway.he did not,so guess what ON TO THE NEXT ONE and F>>>> him!

    • Im so proud of you! That's amaziing that you stood up for yourself like that! U'll find somebody who is absolutely perfect! You deserve it anyway..

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