This guy keeps leaving me on read, should I give up?

There’s a lot of background information about this guy and I, but it would be too much for me to add. I’m assuming that he likes me and is just shy, but I’m not quite sure.

A week ago, I messaged him asking if he knew how to write music (we’re in the same band class) and he replied with, “yep” then I asked him for advice on how to write a piece for my project, and he left me on read. However, the next day I saw him, he talked to me about my message I sent him the previous day. Then Monday, he sent me this long message of about 9-10 paragraphs, explaining how to write music, then I asked him more questions, and he again responded with very long paragraphs. Then, I messaged him again, and he again left me on read.

I don’t understand this guy. He sends me LONG messages, but the most he’s ever said to me in person was, “Hey”... then he opens my message, and doesn’t respond?


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  • Leave him on read next time. See how he reacts and confront him. If he keeps doing it you should drop him.


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  • Maybe he's scared to talk irl... he does not know how to start a conversation from scratch. .. How bout you start the conversation irl?

    • I do, and he still leaves me on read. I deserve better, I’ve “dated” guys who treated me as a second option, and I’m sick of it.

    • Lol guys will be guys. ... but this guy is a pussy so forget him

  • give up... trust me
    if he wanted something serious he is suppose to repply your messages


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