Where should I hang out with a girl I just met yesterday?

We are both college age and I just asked to hang out. I commute to school so no dorms to chill at.


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  • i started hanging out with my first girlfriend in random parks in the city we were walking in the park sat down on a benches and talk until it was time.
    don't know if you 2 like parks and i think it's too cold now XD.
    some girls think bowling place is are nice :D

    • Yes I love parks as well, I will definitely do that in the spring. It is winter for another three months here :/ I hate winter. And as for bowling do you just bowl and talk there or should I buy food/drink there?

    • check the places first look for reviews online if they say the food is bad then don't eat there.
      if the food is bad than plan it already that you eat somewhere before or after it.
      try to eat with each other a lot of people connected when they eat breakfast together don't know if it's the same for dinner and lunch XD.

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  • I normally go to a expensive restaurant never to fast food places

    • Is Chipotle a good spot Lol

    • I don't know man just dont go to kfc or something... Go to some expensive restaurant

  • Basic stuff. Movies, a diner, a cafe. Something like this


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