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So, there's this girl at work that I've secretly been crushing on for a while now and i haven't told her yet because she totally see's me as a friend and I dont want to make things awkward between us and lose her. Anyways, last night at work i witnessed my very older like high 50's low 60's manager come up behind her and grab her ass then she proceeded to look me in the eyes with a freightened or violated look but didn't bring it up to me or anyone for that matter, i have strong feelings for this girl so seeing this violated me and broke my heart, i had to give it everything i had to not tear up a little bit after or to not call him out for it in front of all our customers because i was so torn up and pissed at the same time. she proceeded to finish her shift last night without saying a thing about it and i can't have that so im going to tell her how i feel about her so she understands why im making a big deal of this and then after that im gonna confront her about what happened and try to get her to tell him that's not ok. i just need help figuring out the right way to bring all of this up without scaring her away or making her uncomfortable because of the context of the conversation


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  • Just let her know that what he did made you uncomfortable and tell her how you feel

    • yea i plan to tonight hopefully all goes well

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    • I pulled her outside and confronted her after work and she said she knew it happened but thought it was an accident and I told her it wasn't and so she promised to let me know or stand up for herself if it ever happened again and then she told me she loved me and hugged me so all went well lets just hope my boss stays away from her

    • I am so happy for you. That is awesome...

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