What’s the deal with men?

So Iv met this lad online 6 months ago, we got chatting and he asked to meet up which we did and have been doing the past 4 months. he would message me regularly to see how I am and to plan our next meet up. He has asked me before what I see of us and asked what we are, my reply was to not push anything just see how it goes.

Im scared of getting close to another man after getting my heart crushed last year.
He has asked on the 2nd month to meet my son but i felt it was too soon so I made up an excuse and met him later that week on my own.

The past few weeks Iv noticed he is cold with me, it’s me who has to start a conversation and still at that id be lucky to get a reply, which is annoying! I have asked him if everything was ok but he said he was busy so not hearing from him a week after that I simply just messaged him and told him I hope he’s doing ok that what ever was going on between us has obviously faded that if he wanted to be friends with benefits he should of said and I would of left the feelings to the side, there was still a friendship there and I didn’t want things to be awkward if we ever bump into each other and to look after himself.
he replied basically saying it wasn’t like that that he has asked what I felt before, reassured me there be no awkward feelings, that he has a lot going on lately with his family that his heads all over the place and he never knew I had feelings like I say I did...
i replied to him stating I like him and pointed out situations that accrued which indicates I do like him. Also apologized for his stress at home and basiclly told him I can’t be waiting around or thinking about someone that I know my value and my worth that I want to be someone’s priority not option.
3 days ago I replied to his message and havnt heard nothing back, I just can’t understand why? I feel confused! I can’t help but think of him and wonder how he is and I do miss his company. Sorry about the details all over the place it’s a bit like my head!


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  • I don't know if he wanted to be with you genuinely cause he was so caring at first or he was just looking for a "Friends with benefits". If the latter is true then forget about him cause he's someone who'll hurt you in future. Or maybe he stopped giving you attention cause you resisted him before and took things slow so he misunderstood things and stopped giving attention to you.. But I think from my point of view he never intended to have a serious relationship with you. You were broken and a single mom which he thought would be a easy target so he pursued you but you resisted him so he thought why waste time. So I think you should move one, nothing good will come out from thinking about him cause all you will get in the end is another heartbreak. There will be plenty of people who will love you in the future for real, and you'll find someone that you'll know is the one just be with that person when the time comes.. Good luck

    • Thanks for ur honest answer but he did drop hints about a relationship, he said he couldnt wait for his friends and family to see picture and that of us? We were intimate before he asked what was coming for us

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    • id love to know why for closure but hey like u said move on 😊 thanks again for ur honest opinion 👌🏼

    • Yeah closure sounds good. And You're welcome. I wish you well for the future!

  • Just go meet him irl forget the messages

    • I don’t want to come across as clingy or needy, I don’t want to make a fool of myself

    • I mean if he is ignoring u and stuff fuck him move on.. better guys out there that guys getting no pussy

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