He ended the relationship before it even started?

Over the summer my friend who I met in college and I started talking. We talked everyday for a month until we both moved in the week before school started. We hung out a few times and had sex about four days we moved in. I know, I should have slowed down, but he told my friend he really liked me etc. Anyways, after the first week of school he became distant with texting and just didn't seem to care. So he came over to my house one day and told me he doesn't see us lasting. Remind you, we only hung out alone three times during those two weeks otherwise we were sleeping together or with a group of friends.
What is difficult for me is that I just feel like he truly never cared and he just wanted to sleep with me. Therefore, I feel like I was just being strung along for nothing.


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  • yeah sorry, i think he just used you for sex


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