Flirting tips, please?

Please, can I have tips to flirt with a boy please, I want him to know I like him (please don't say tell him)


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  • Go out of your way to talk to me. Giggle lots, play with your hair, keep prolonged eye contact. Bite your lip when looking at him. And make sure he catches you looking at him a bunch of times


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  • I don't know him babe. So is this the same boy or a different one boo

    • same boy. we have been getting, even more, close the last couple of days we are like inseparable. I know you told me to hold his hand but he always has his hand in his pocket. he says im his History nerd and we were talking about vampires and he said he wouldn't mind biting my neck i don't know what to do am i doing something wrong why hasn't he asked me out? :(

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    • okay thank you so much online mum xx

    • Your very welcome my child 😘😘 love ya

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