Should I ask her before or after? Need help ASAP?

So here’s the situation. There’s this girl in my class I find interesting that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while now. The only time we’ve talked was when we were exchanging notes, but have let our eyes do the talking. We exchanged glances multiple times throughout the quarter and I have a feeling that she’s interested too. I’ve been wanting to ask her out for quite a while now, but sadly, I haven’t build up the courage to do so. I waited all quarter and the only day I’ll see her again is the day of our Final Exam. Now it’s time to either go big or go home. My question is should I ask her out before the Final starts or after? The thing is if I ask her out before, it might startle her and not make her concentrate on the Final, but if I decide to do it after and she finishes before me, I won’t get a chance to talk to her. I don’t want to rush on the Final. What do I do? Please help. Thanks.
Thanks for answers so far. Should I ask her for coffee or something? By the way, the next time I see her is on the Final Exam day. I won’t see her before.


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  • You're quite considerate. That's a good thing. But, anyway, ask her already! Do it before your chances get slimmer. If she studied for the finals, she's not going to do poorly because "you startled her!"


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  • After y'all need to focus on your final.


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  • Don't ask her out, instead, ask her to study with you for the exam. That's innocent and you set the precedent of hanging out outside of class. Its perfectly innocent.

    THEN, after the exam you suggest getting a drink to celebrate! Still fairly innocent, and from there you can make your move

    • Wonderful! You, sir, deserve a beer! You sound like a "player" indeed.

    • @DeeDeeDeVour I'm not trying to be a predator or player, I'm saying straight up asking someone out puts a lot of pressure and stress on that question. Easing into going out is more casual, lets both parties be more comfortable and have more fun

    • But I won’t see her before the Final. Only the day of. So what do I do? Lol

  • After the exam


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