Does my crush like me or have I hurt him to many times?

I am in highschool and in the holidays, a guy in my year started snapchatting me. we started a streak and we snapchatted everyday talking. talking to him everyday made me start to like him. He showed signs he liked me as well like sending ‘xx’ ,‘😘’ and complimenting me. For example, I posted a selfie on facebook and he was the first person to like it, he snapchatted me straight away saying ‘ I look pretty’. I am a dedicated school student and I accidently lost the streak focusing on my school work. After about 3 days, I posted a snapchat story and he snapchatted me to 'start the streak again'. So we did start another streak and after the holidays finished, school started. It was awkward when we both saw each other at school so I lost the streak to make it not awkward. After I lost it he and I stopped snapchatting. Then the next school holidays (9 weeks later), he snapchatted me again with a blank photo and i responded with ‘?’ because he sent me a pointless photo! I thought by making him jealous he would snapchat me again but that didn’t work. I deleted him from all social media accounts (except for snapchat) to help me get over him, it hasn’t worked 😂 From then on we haven't snapchatted since, its been around 7-8 months. At school I always catch him looking at me and showing signs he likes me. My cousin is good friends with my crush and they have a joke together, so yesterday my cousin john went on my phone and sent my crush a photo of himself and I wrote on the snapchat: ‘sorry john asked to send this to you ! he said you would understand what he means 😂’ My crush just opened it and didn't reply and still hasn’t !
Why did my crush not reply and is there still a chance my crush likes me?


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  • Start the streak again and find out... or go talk to him face to face... just kick it... then after that you’ll know...

    • I want to start the streak again but how do I start a conversation? it was usually him who used to

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    • thankyou ! do you think he would reply?

    • If he likes you then of course he would.

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