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if ur someone who doesn't express ur feelings easily nor do u trust a lot of people or let people in. but If you started talking to someone for a while and revealed a lot of secrets etc and you were starting to like the person however you got it mixed up and thought it was going somewhere (relationship wise) but the other person only wants to be friends. You become angry at the person as you thought they were leading you on and they talked to you about other love interests, how would you react? would you be hurt for a while and move on? would your opinion of them change?


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  • i would probably be pissed at them for a bit, but if they were honest about their feelings as things were becoming more serious, i would accept.
    if it would take them years to do so however, i would have more of an issue with things.

    • How would you feel towards them tho? would you move on faster? Would you still see them in the same 'eyes' you used to when yous were talking? Keeping in mind this talking only went on for 2monthd

    • the issue is that i've experienced it both ways, i felt like i had a connection with someone.
      yet that did not lead anywhere, she told me, but then continued to send mixed signals for years. my anger is only outmatched against my love for her, and unfortunatley its not really what is helpfull.

      another girl i had this with told me pretty early on that she's just not looking for a relationship anytime soon, i unerstood and let her know that our friendship was good where it was at.
      we're still friends and we talk to this date.

      so it depends on the person, if i were you, i'd say try to move past the fact of your hurt emotions, it looks like he told you pretty early on, in its own it won't feel like that makes a big difference, but trust me it does.

      try to keep the friendship going.

  • That's the exact story of a girl and me... the girl. is te one who is similar to you...
    But the reason we stopped talkimg was a bit different!


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