Would being a gambler turn a girl off?

Hi, so I've made money gambling, through poker and daily fantasy sports and advantage gambling at casinos for a while now. It is my only income, I've done it for years, but when i meet new girls im very cautious about telling them about it, i also go to school and am going to get an associates degree this spring and a bachelor's degree next spring. So if im talking to a girl i would usually just tell them im a student. When i do talk about it i think i talk about it in such a way that it makes it sound worse than it is, like im a degenerate or something, which i promise if you knew me or talked to my friends, im like the least degenerate person there is. Im very conservative with money and just dont have any flashy things and am just overall a pretty conservative guy. But i just generally get the opinion people dont believe me or think i am a degenerate gambler so im always very nervous telling people. Im trying to really get out and date more lately, and i never know how to handle this when it comes out, any opinions are welcome. Yes i use all my own money, never borrow money, own all of my things, have money in the bank, etc.


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  • For me, yes. It’s not a job. There’s no skill involved (unless you cheat, and that’s even less attractive). I think it shows more character to slog through retail work than it does to bet on the horses with the seven other drunks/mob attachés/pimps.

    • there's actually a lot of skill involved with poker and DFS, i use nash game theory (nash is the guy from the movie a beautiful mind) to figure out optimal ways to play different hands and study prolly 2-3 hours a day on top of playing. In DFS i use predictive modeling much like how an investment firm might, to use past results to model future events. The advantage play inside of casinos there's no work involved, just knowing how to do math better than other people. But to say that there is no skill in poker is akin to saying there is no skill in chess. I dont cheat at anything. You're exactly the type of person i'm afraid of!

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    • Well i'm not a cheater and i don't understand your hostility towards me. I am in school and will have a job one day, just not while i'm in school.

    • You have gotten used to easy money. You will never work.

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  • Thats interesting, I've never known a professional gambler.

    I guess its weird because most gamblers eventually lose it all you know? The odds are against you.
    That said, what if you just make up a lie? like, what if instead of a gambler, you were a private wealth manager? Basically the same thing haha

    • Sometimes i say im an "equity analyst" which is a clever play on words and true, im analyzing equities when i play poker. In the past I've told people i was an uber driver.

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  • Yeah that's kind of a turn off, but it's an interesting conversation topic. It just doesn't seem like a stable source of income.
    Don't lie about about it either though. Just be honest I'm a professional poker player/gambler/financial risk taker.

    Either they dump you now because of it, or you wait to tell them and they dump you then.

    For the chicks that find it a deal breaker, it's gonna be deal breaker

  • No I love gambling


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  • thats a two sided question about preference. Some like the risk takers and some like the stable safe paths.


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