Why doesn’t my boyfriend like to be affectionate?

He isn’t big in posting photos of us (or even taking them together). He doesn’t tell me he loves me (unless i say it first). He doesn’t compliment me often, and he isn’t really into PDA. He is a Latino man born and raised in several Latin countries. Some people tell me it is because of the Latin male culture of “machismo” but, i believe that is unfair and a bit stereotypical.

He can be affectionate when it’s the two of us, he listens to me, he tries to help me with my problems, and he fights for me when times get rough.


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  • Maybe he's not attracted to you. Does he have someone else that he's affectionate to when you're not around? I'm Latino and both of my brothers have girls that they do things with other than their girlfriend

    • No, i believe I️ am the only woman in his life (romantically).

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    • We don’t check each other’s phones. He doesn’t look at mine, I️ don’t look at his... I️ feel that’s weird to ask

    • It's always good to keep everything open. If you do, there shouldn't be any doubts.

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  • He won't change. So either you accept him that way, or you leave him and find someone who will be affectionate with you.

    • Do you think he isn’t affectionate because he doesn’t love me/find me attractive?

    • No idea, because I don't know him. Ask him. If he avoids answering, then you know the answer. If he is that type with everybody, then either you accept him, or leave him.

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  • He may be cheating on you it's one of the signs of cheating or I might be wrong

    • He has been like this since the beginning (except when he first tried to get me, he’d compliment me every so often). So, he’s been cheating since the beginning?

    • Maybe I don't know here's a link to signs of cheating l.facebook.com/l.php

    • Shit thats for girls sorry lol

  • Why do you expect him to be more affectionate? A lot of men are not. Dunno what PDA is.

    • My ex was very affectionate though. Also, PDA is public displays of affection

    • Ah ok, thanks.
      So is this guy not affectionate by comparison to your ex, or unreasonably not affectionate in his own right?

What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he really loves you he just isn't the romantic type.

    • I try and realize he loves me in other ways - he doesn’t have to be so expressive and romantic. But, sometimes I️ get upset that he used to be romantic when he was younger. He’s 25 now :/

      But, if a man isn’t cheating on you, and isn’t trying to. If he sees you whenever he can and is always there for you, then I️ should believe he loves me... right?

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