What are her intentions?

So there's a female classmate that sits directly behind me in history class. We met in high school years ago but we didn't talk cause of different crowds. So right away we recognized each other in your class and decided to sit next to one another. She kind of initiates hugging and touching so I just go along with it. So after three weeks of talking I ask her to go out with me sometime and she agrees but we don't set up a certain date. So the next week I bring up going out on Friday and she tells me she would get back to me on Wednesday. This never happens. So I text her Friday that about our date and she never responds. I take it as a no but I want to hear it from her so I walk her to her car after class one day and I ask her about it. She tells me that we could hang out but she has a boyfriend and didn't want me thinking it would be a date, or would lead anywhere. So I agree to just be friends and I leave it at that. I start socializing with others in the class a lot more and start trying to cut my interactions with her at a minimum. I even stopped walking her to car like I always did after class. So Friday, about three weeks ago, she asks me if I have a class after our class and I answer truthfully no and that I don't have a class until 2. She mentions she's hungry and I bring up the mall but then she tells me that she's sleepy and likes to take naps before work. So I tease her and say "what are you 80?" and we leave it there. And it seems lately she's been more touchy. Like she'll touch my hands and always makes the excuse of "Oh look at how cold they are". It's always the hands or the neck. I told her they felt clammy once and she said if I held them then I'd know. She even recently told me I've been dressing better lately and that she's been noticing. I would hate to think she's using me for attention but sometimes it feels like that. And I'm not trying to steal her from her boyfriend either cause that's just nasty.


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  • I think she's keeping you as a "backup" in case her relationship goes under. Because all that contact and compliments seems like her actual relationship is not going well, and I don't think you'd be stealing someone's girl at that point.


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