Is my ex playing mind game with me?

So we started texting three weeks after we broke up (I initiated the text), we would just talk about work and stuff, nothing too sensitive (we broke up because he works in India) He told me he is coming back to the states in December when we were still together, so I asked him about this again and he said yeah he will come back and he will probably come visit me (I'm in DC he's in Nevada) Anyway he would not reply to any of my texts regarding to his feelings and things like that. Just the other day, out of nowhere he texted:"Hey Maggie, just want to say goodnight! You're probably already asleep"(not a hookup cause he's still in Inida) So yeah, is he trying to test me by sending that goodnight text? Thanks!


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  • Instead of wondering his intentions, what are yours? You initiated the texting. Seems you are looking to reconnect. He doesn't seem to be playing any games. The goodnight text was probably him just thinking about you.


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