How do I know a female likes me?

Like how can i tell she wants me to ask her out


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  • Does she indicate to you she is free? Like does she mention the weekend and say she has nothing planned?
    If she voluntary gives up that kind of information then yes she is showing she wants you to ask her out.
    How does she act around you? Flirty? Friendly?
    There are soooo many factors here.
    If you are not sure you can easily ask her what her plans are over the weekend and see the way she responds!
    Or even mention an event, concert or something coming up and tell her you have nobody to go with and see if she picks up on that.
    Mention a new restaurant, museum I don't know haha anything and do the same thing.

    If not you can simply ask her out in a casual way if you are afraid she will find you too agressive. Tell her it would be cool to hangout with her after school or whatever. If you use the term "hangout" she won't see it as a date date and might be more inclined to agree to it.

    Anyways that is my humble take on this


What Guys Said 1

  • It’s just an instinct if you don’t have it that sucks cause I can always spot when someone is feeling me or at least was at one point


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