Why does almost everyone believes that white girls date more outside their race than white guys do it when statistics say otherwise?

According to statistics there are more white men that marry other races than white womem that do it.
Also according to studies white men are generally the prefered group while white women are at the bottom along with black women.
So why do people have this feeling white girls date more outside their race than white guys do it?


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  • Because there’s tons of white men who whine about their ex or woman they wanted going with a minority. I can’t remember ever hearing a white woman complaining in public about white men dating other races. Not that I even think race should matter in life, but it’s an issue.

  • Because most people in American society do not bother to check with facts.

    • So what do they base their believes on? Dreams?

    • I guess. Belief in racial stereotypes in our society is not only allowed, it is encouraged and staunchly defended as the proper way to think about groups of people.

  • White women are at the bottom? Yeah, no. Please provide some evidence or I'm calling bullshit.


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