Any ideas regarding this?

One year ago i met a girl and we were best friends for couple of months and in fact she did a favor to me once a time. Once a day i met her at the mall and i did not identify her completely. She came to me and she said: hi.. whatโ€™s up?
I said: hey.. am alright thanks.. then she asked me why am there and I replied telling her i was buying some stuff for the myself. After all of this , i went home and i kept thinking of her all the time so I decided to message her so I typed hey ! How are you? You were beautiful today when we met and it was the first time i saw your face.. you were angelic tbh. I waited her replies and i was so excited then she said leave me alone fool , I hate you , and am not gonna say thank you for what you said and i wad like... ( blank ) ...


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