Advice to asking girls out?

25 and been single for a very very long time, never really had an interest for a real relationship with a women because I am pretty shy, introverted, and generally inexperienced at simply asking the question such as, "Want to grab coffee sometime?"

I guess you could say I create thoughts of fear in my mind that either A. Will get rejected so why bother she's way too attractive anyway. Or B. It's been so long since my last relationship (age 17) that I've been so out of the game, I probably come off as a virgin gamer. So why bother.

It's only up until recently now that I am looking into wanting a relationship with women. I just think poorly in areas of my life sometimes that I ask my self, "why a girl would be even interested in someone with major physical and mental illness."


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  • Odds are you will be rejected. You need to just get over that and accept it. Once you accept that you will get rejected and that getting rejected is not the end of the world, you can act more freely. You'll never get any better without practice. When you get rejected, learn from it and try with someone else. Think of this as practice.

    • This is the greatest advice ever given on the subject. Mho right here

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  • Bruh, CONFIDENCE IS KEY. Listen listen, I'm a major fuckin geek/nerd. I know I'm a good person, so I'm happy with myself and confident in myself. I haven't always been and it's taken a lot to work up to that. Rejection is a part of life dude. Just realize like hey if you get rejected, who fuckin cares because they're missing out on a good dude and they don't even realize it. On to the next chick. Just be yourself, have more confidence and self appreciation, not fake, but real confidence and self appreciation. Girls will see that and they'll respect it, trust me. C; there's someone out there for everyone, you just gotta put yourself out there man. If you don't give girls the chance to see how amazing you are, how will they ever know? Confidence my dude. You've made it 25 years in life, and life is fucking bullshit. So you're a strong human being that deserves love and respect. Don't settle for anything less and know what you want ;)

  • What's your major illness?

    • Well one is a blood disorder, Evan's syndrome. The other is Common Variable Immune Deficiency, but is misleading as having a shit immune system is pretty rare. I also have Interstitial Hypersensitive Pnemonitus, basically my lungs have nodules in them, so it's difficult to perform any type of work/exercise past a certain period of time. I just start breathing heavily more sooner than a majority of others.

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    • Thanks sir.

    • Happy dating ;)

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