Why doesn't she want to admit her feeling to me? I feel she's avoiding her feeling. she lets me kiss her and hold hands with her?

But she avoids talking about what we are. I want to commit to her. I'm confused


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  • She either wants you to go straight and tell her, or is shy.

    • I already told her i really like her and want to commit to her. we do things couples already I just want to make it official.

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  • You're going to chase her out of your life that way. Give her the space and time to figure things out for her own. A lot of guys and girls make this mistake. You can't rush attraction and love. Your ONLY focus should be about having fun with her, that's it. You're focusing wayyyy too much on the finish line. Just have fun and if she's actually having a lot of fun with you she'll eventually fall for you.
    I remember hearibg a great analogy way back. It goes something like men are fire and women are water. Men are hot instantly, but women take longer to heat up. Your job as a man is to warm her up. If you keep keep checking if the water is hot yet it only takes longer to boil. So just focus on heating her up and when she starts boiling, you'll know.

    • So do I keep on showing my affection to her? And wait for her to be ready to make it official. we do stuff couples do. we hold hands and kiss.

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    • If she likes it then yes, but you should always give her room to reciprocate back to you as well otherwise she'll just get bored and take it for granted because it's so easy for to have. You need to find the right balance and that only comes with experience. That's where the whole it takes two to tango comes from, you have to give her the space so she can put in the effort as well, you should never be the one doing all the work.

    • I guess ill try not to show so much affection how should i give her room

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  • May be its not the right time to do so, or may be she is confused about you. I think you should give her some to think

    • But why does she let me kiss her and hold her hand?

    • See i dont want to take in negative manner but may she is cheating on you. The best thing you can do is avoid her for a week or two if she is loyal to she will come back and confess it to you otherwise you'll have to move on. but avoid means fully avoiding not giving her too much time not talking more than need so that she could know that you are avoiding her.

  • You are a guy or a girl?


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