Should I go for her?

I have a friend at school, she tells me every secret and 100% trust me to keep it secret. I often give her advice for things and she would always accept them. Should I go for her? If so, what should I do next?


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  • This is a tricky situation mate, from the sounds of it you may be in the friendzone, i. e. she she’s you more like a best friend or brother figure than a potential boyfriend hence she’s trusting you with her secrets. If she did see you as a potential boyfriend she wouldn’t tell all her secrets to you rather hold off until you two were dating. However, saying this it does not mean you can’t ask her out or can’t date her but the chances of her accepting in my opinion are quite low and like the other guy said, it may become awkward and she might not ‘trust’ you again.

  • If you really like her you should, but understand that if you do things she might become awkward if she rejects you.
    It's a gamble so be ready if you do.


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