Should I give up on her even though I love her?

I live in America and I was dating the woman in Japan. We were talking for three months. She really wanted to me stay in Japan with her when I was there, but I couldn’t do that due to having no more money and a job in the coutry. When I came back to America she still wanted me to come back, spend more time with her, and show me how serious I am about her. Just this past week she called me told me “I have a boyfriend. Please don’t call or text her.”(She doesn't want her boyfriend to think she's cheating on him because she been cheated on several times). I’m still moving to Japan in January for work, and I plan to send her a Christmas picture from Tokyo saying “I’m very serious.” I haven't messaged her since she told me and I only plan on messaging her for Christmas and her birthday three months later.


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  • I say go for it. But don't put all your hopes in that it will work in your favor. Just be prepared for whatever outcome. I wish you the best of luck. 🙂🍀


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  • Two wrongs don't make it right (regardless if you love her) You should leave her alone (I know its easier said and done) because your heading towards drama and your feelings are at risk. She have a boyfriend now and you sending her a picture stating your serious can cause a major problem for her and her boyfriend plus she will get upset with you because she told you not to contact her. To be safe, I would be patient first, and check back later (She may contact you if it doesn't work out with her boyfriend).

    • When you say check back later, what do you mean? Technically, I would never be able to know anything about her because I can't message her right?

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    • If it's met to be, you both will eventually run to each other some day but at the same time I wouldn't for her or try to pursue her right now because she does have a boyfriend and I think right now is the time for you to think plus also keep your options open by dating other women (It doesn't have be soon).

    • I'm beginning to think it was more of a fling then something she was serious about. It's hard to say honestly.

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