Do you think that some of these post have made you more cold?

The same old post that keeps coming up, the am I pretty (when they're a super model) or the is my 10" penis good enough. I know when I first joined the site I was much more likely to answer yea your pretty and you got a 10" penis but now I'm like I don't care or yeah 10" is way to small. IS anyone else like this, has the same old crap just made you not care so much


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  • I think the "Am I pretty?" ones will always be asked on here. The ones that get me are when they tell their whole situation and basically say to themselves, "He/she likes me, but do they like me?" They'll say that the other person is flirting, is calling/texting, is smiling, is wanting to hang out, etc. but still wonder if the person likes them or if they should ask for a date. I suppose they are easy Xper points though lol


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  • Ha Ha Am I pretty? I'm a freaking cartoon for crying out loud!

    But In all seriousness, yea after a while you just stop caring. I've only been on this site for two days but I used to answer a lot of questions on yahoo and it started getting old.


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  • you seriously answer guys penis posts-eww

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