Do most guys tell girls that they're unique, different, weird, and that they like them because they don't follow what everyone else does?

I get this comment by almost every guy I have ever gone on a date with or have actually dated. The guy I am dating now, probably one of the most serious relations I've had with a guy in the last 3 years, tells me quite often how different I am from people, my interests he has never heard of or knew existed before he met me, and one reason he likes me so. I have is that I do my own thing and not what others are doing, I dance to my own drum or whatever. Is he trying to sweet talk me, like do guys say this to a lot of women? Or am I actually as different as he says? Because I just do what I like to do, and granted I don't do what others are doing if I don't like that certain thing, but I don't actively try to be this way and now I'm noticing it more since I get comments on it a lot.


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  • It’s not really a “thing”, so I’d say people are being genuine.

  • Of course guys will sweet talk their girl, but to know if he really means it you should see if he remembers obscure things like the party you went to last week, ur birthday, etc.


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