Is it too soon to move in together?

We have only been a couple for the last 3 months but best friends since we were 6.
We talked about moving in together a couple years back just as friends and but we didn’t earn enough put together to keep up with rent and bills. Now we are both in full time jobs and can easily afford rent, bills, food, petrol...

If we were still friends, I’d be saying yea let’s move in. But now we are together, it changes the dynamic and I don’t want to rush things just because we’ve known each other since we were kids...


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  • Sounds like you have doubts. In the end it up to you and requires full commitment especially if it's a rent contract

    • Not doubts about him, just in general unsure whether we are going too fast with moving in or give our relationship some time to grow

    • Well talk about in depth with him and your family because like I said it requires a commitment that needs resolve. I think you should, it's that next chapter in your life.

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  • I think the order of things should be like this,
    1. Meet/Become friends
    2. Date
    3. Get Married
    4. Sex/Move in together
    5. Have fun
    6. Have kids/fun

    Now in between these is long periods of time or short periods, I mean you date for quite some time of course. To me, moving in is step 4, so it doesn't make sense to me to do step 4 before step 3. Especially if you are currently on step 2.

    • ... we don’t want to get married.

  • Seems like both of you were always intrested in being together... so why not?

    Also you have been best friends for years... so you have got understanding, a lot of memories together , a strong support for each other and everything...
    So wven if your relationship is just 3 months old... your friendship is way to strong to tackle anything like that...
    And by the way... you will always be friends first to each other and then anything more... so ofcourse a bog deal but nothing risky!

  • If you're not at that level. of commitment where you're married, don't do it

    • We won’t be getting married. Commitment doesn’t just mean a ring on the finger.

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    • If that is the case, then why not get married?

    • Because again, I don’t want to get married and be spending shit tons.

  • I'd say you could move in.


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