Does he like me?

Met a guy today for the first time we talked it seemed ok... then he went quiet... and he said that he had to go! I left and he kissed me on either cheek (he is French)! Both said we had a good time but he called it a social occasion so I thought we were on a date? But maybe he did not... been left feeling a little confused 😐 ... I text him and said ‘very good... thanks for a pleasant time this afternoon have a lovely evening’? Any insights?


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  • Lol its one day acquaintance. Don't jump to conclusions so quick. Wait and let him meet u again, observe signs, behaviour etc of him

    • Ok it just felt weird when he went quiet and then he said he had to go! I have not dated for over 20 years! He has still not responded to my text I am like an anxious teen! I hate dating :(

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    • He needs more time? What to decide if he likes me? I am 40 and he is 39!

    • I mean u both need to spend more time know each other. Likes n dislikes etc.

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