Why do some people stereotype Muslim guys too much when it comes to dating?

like these idiots when you ask them if they would date a muslim person they will directly tell you "No, i'm not interested in dating Middle eastern guys because they are TOO religious and especially we don't share the same values." like WTF? you know that religion have no race & culture right? and not all muslims are 'MIDDLE EASTERN' for fk sakes. Like for exemple a Turkish muslim guy is very different from a Saudi arabian muslim guy CULTURALLY and MORALLY! plus turkish men are a lot westernized and less religious and the women have more freedom so they are more compatible to date western women. A Tunisian muslim guy is very different from a Syrian muslim guy and a Bosnian muslim guy is very different from a Pakistani muslim guy.
Did you know before that North African muslims are more liberal and westernized than Middle easterns? here look at the Holi Color Festival in Algeria you can see that men and women have freedom in clothing and much more..
STEREOTYPICAL people are a waste of oxygen!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • In college was the first time I really encountered a lot of Muslim men. I went to a pretty multi-cultural high school, but the percentage even there for them was low, so they weren't like a thing I was actively looking for and the few there just were not attractive to me.

    I get to college, and there was a lot more exposure, a lot cuter stock, and I was of the opinion that cute is cute, but apparently not. It could have been a possibility, but THEY told me, they weren't looking for anyone outside their race and/or religion. Most of them stayed together hanging out with only their people, especially after 9/11 where things were a bit tense on campus and in the country at large... and there were real trust and safety issues. Associating/dating outside the race/culture/religion I'm sure happened with some, but not publicly for the guys I saw on my particular campus.

    My dating pool has no limits aside from attractiveness and wanting a nice guy in my life, but when you tell me, you don't date me because of my race/religion/culture---that's a huge brick wall that stops all interaction and makes it harder to approach other, in this case, Muslims in the future, because you don't want to feel that rejection right away for nothing you've done. Is this all Muslims? Come on, don't be dumb, of course not! Like you said, there are all types of people who exist under the banner of being Muslims, and I'm sure some don't care and want to date someone whom they find cute or attractive or nice as well, but that hasn't been my personal experience thus far, so sadly for that reason, it does make me less likely to actively pursue a Muslim guy.

    In general, it seems to come down to lack of knowledge on Muslims or in some cases, actual racism. You can say to someone, look, not all Muslims are this or that, but if they never meet a Muslim, or don't have an experience with any that aren't super religious and conservative if that's not their thing, the stereotype will live on, as will all other stereotypes about other people. People need more exposure in general to all types of Muslims via the media, movies, television, you name it, so all they see is not "the evil religious Muslim," the news would like you to believe they all are because they are only represented, it seems like, in that way.


Most Helpful Guy

  • you thinking many of our reaction to wanting nothing to do with muslims when the level of brutality in their countries gets exported to ours is quite an arrogant mindset. your people blew up the world trade centers, kill people over cartoons, issue fatwas over people like Salman Rusdie, shoot up night clubs of gay people, have grooming and rape gangs spread throughout Europe... and our light reaction of noticing generally that we want nothing to do with your people is wrong?

    your people take advantage of the genius of western forefathers and use our generosity of even allowing you in against us. because at the end of the day we know what happens to countries your people invade


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  • I'm not religious, do I don't see myself dating someone religious.


What Guys Said 4

  • I have dated more Moslem women that I can remember off the top of my head. One common theme is that they generally don't want to date a Moslem guy, or at least not if they have another opportunity.

    If you don't like that some women won't date a Moslem guy, then renounce Islam. Problem solved.

  • Lack of exposure leads to ignorance. This ignorance breeds stereotyping, prejudice, etc.

  • No i won't date any.

  • Because some stereotypes are legit.


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