Guys, what would make you respond to someone you previously ignored?

So I recently moved to a new country, don't know so many people and I met a guy when I first got here. We hit it off but the last time I saw him I was weird and awkward, insecure all of that.. then after he didn't call me back one time I completely lost my shit.. not mad and crazy more desperate and needy.. as if he was ghosting me etc etc.. which he of course inevitably did. I wasn't in the best place when I first got here. And I want to try again.. literally just to hang out, drink, casual sex.. but i don't know what to say?
I would if I hadn't completely lost my shit, but because of what happened I don't.
Is there a way you would respond positively?
and how?


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  • if i think, i made a mistake by ignoring her/him. by the way i think girls are the ones who ignores more.

    • To be honest, after this experience I realised how much I ignore people

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    • But have you been in the situation of ignoring a girl bcz she went nuts.. and would you ever reconsider?

    • i am afraid of breaking people's heart so i don't remember myself in such a situation.

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