Can a real relationship develop from dating a girl who works on an adult cam site?

I recently started dating a girl who works on a cam site. Because of privacy issues and protection of their identities. The studio she works at has a strict policy of those who work there not being allowed to give out personal information. She said that once she quits working there she'll be able to give me her number and does say that she loves me. But I worry that I'll be waiting for years. What would you do in this situation?


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  • Possible, but difficult. Just like reading actor's real intentions.
    I suppose (or rather speak out of my a$$) that their proffesion requires being flirtous at least and manipulative at best.
    Almost everyone needs some love, but be careful. This can be tricky.

    • Yeah I can understand what you mean. Also she's not a cam girl who gets naked, she mainly just does dances

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