What should I do?

I really want a girlfriend, I don' know why. I'v never cared about relationships before and i (thought) i was asexual so what changed?


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  • Don't push it softly softly catchy monkey !!!

    • What?

    • When you want something you can come over all need. I you take it easy you will get what you want usually more !!!

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  • You. You changed. And you will keep changing all through your life. Your brain isn't even fully developed. You don't even have access to a full range of a adult emotions until age 25. Ever wonder why 21 is the age for alcohol? Because parts of your brain can be irrevocably damaged by alcohol before age 21, when those parts are fully developed.

    You should be asexual until at least age 16, in my opinion. Because your body isn't even ready for sex mentally and emotionally before then.

    • *abstinent* and I get that I've changed but it was very sudden

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    • Those urges would start around the onset of puberty. Had you have a period yet?

    • Yea when I was 11/12 (I'm 17 now)

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  • It says your under 18 so it's probably normal. Being a teen means a lot of change. Also being asexual doesn't mean you can't want to have a romantic relationship. Sex and romance are different things. Plus a lot of teens mature sexually later so whilst you may not have had any interest in sex earlier that can very easily change, and it's not a bad thing. Ultimately it's up to you to figure it out though.

    • I suppose your right, thanks

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