Met a guy and liked him.. but does he like me back?

Met a guy online, met him in person and it seemed to go well... send him a message saying thanks for a pleasant afternoon it was very nice.. then he messages me back ‘Hey it was as my pleasure enjoyed the afternoon myself too. Have a nice weekend x’ Does this mean he likes me? Or he sees me as a friend I am a little confused (we are both late 30’s... it’s been a long time since I dated so unsure of what happens when a guy ‘likes’ a girl) ... he kissed me on both cheeks (but he is French so I think this is normal!)


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  • the fact that he immediately said "Have a nice weekend" means he already wanted to finish the conversation, which is not that good of a sign
    if he was interested he would've texted you first or at least kept the conversation going


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