Do you think he (32) wants a relationship with me (27)? how much of a dating period should one go through before being official?

recently met this guy through bumble but also goes to the same gym as me, we have been on four dates so far. On our first date he was the one who initiated questions like what do you look for in a guy etc mostly the questions girls would be expected to ask.

Everything is going great so far, he's a gentle man and our physical connection ( we only made out so far no sex yet and i dont plan on sleeping with him unless we are together ) is there. My question is how long does the dating phase last?

Honestly I'm happy with how things are going, it's not going too fast and not too slow, getting to know each other but at the same time I don't want to be dragged along for nothing.

Yesterday was our fifth date together and we spend time with each other a bit after we workout at the gym. He asked me a ton of questions during our date such as do you feel you need to be in a relationship? do you feel you fall for someone fast? is your father okay with you dating someone not the same religion ( im muslim ) and i said yes.

I let him know yesterday as well that i am looking for a realtionship with a person and would rather not be dragged along and he said he wants that as well.

Im just worried that he doesn't want that with me. Would he have mentioned something to me if he didnt?


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  • Ask him. If you are not starting things off with good communication, then why are you bothering?

  • He sounds serious about the relationship so I would trust him, as for how long to wait I guess it depends.

  • dating periods ends on the wedding day.


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