Why God creates love in a heart for someone?

God is very kind and merciful. Even though sometimes love do give us pain, why He created it in our hearts for others?


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  • Don't blame god for your hormones/actions.

    God created rules that the universe must follow (also called 'science laws'). Your body follows them. God does not change your feelings. That would destroy any meaning of free will.

    • The hormones are also created by God or not?

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    • Why should it be?
      It's good and is what made it possible for our generation to exist!

      I'm just saying that you shouldn't blame god for your actions and feelings. That's kinda an attempt to make yourself not responsible for your actions.

    • I did not blame. I just asked the reason why God created love when it sometimes do give us pain.

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  • The middle ages called and wanted their intellect back

  • Which god are you talking about? Cause there's like a million of them.


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