IS my crush just being a good guy or does he like this girl?

Ok so apparently My crush heard that some guy (let’s call him Michael) at school has been telling people that he (Michael) made out with a girl named Sarah. But Sarah denies it and said it’s not true and my crush was upset that Michael is treating Sarah this way. my crush said things in class about wanting to confront Michael and was just generally concerned about how Sarah feels even though

he doesn’t even know Sarah besides the fact that they’re in the same class.

Thats what makes me wonder why he’s standing up for her when he barely knows her. I know for a fact they don’t talk at all. I didn’t even know they knew each other to be honest until recently.

Assuming that they don’t know each other, at least not well, why is he so concerned with who sarah kisses or didn’t kiss and why does he say he wants to talk to Michael when it’s really none of his business at all?
  • He is just being a good guy and would probably do this for any girl
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  • He is attracted to sarah
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  • He has a crush on sarah
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  • He's doing what any good guy would do and is standing up for her. I would do (and have done) the same thing for any girl in such a situation. And I have a fiancè whom I'm engaged to marry this summer. I'm 100% committed to her and she knows it. That is why I am able to stand up for any girl without my fiancè ever questioning my intentions. She fully supports me when I do and tries to help the girl (or guy depending on the situation) in any way she can as well.

    • But none of the other guys stood up for her

    • Then your man is of higher character and respect for women.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like he is a good guy, sounds like someone you should be proud to have a crush on 😀

    • Yeah but none of the other guys did this so I was wondering if he liked her

    • Highschool? Sounds like the other guys are just too childish to stand up for her

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  • Good guy


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