Am I Too Picky?

I will list my needs and wants for a potential mate I look for:

- Cute face (Never been huge for hot and sexy)
- Nerdy (I really want things in common)
- Breast Size: Small to Non-existent (I love breasts, but I am turned off from anything above B, and sometimes above A)
- Open-minded (This is huge for me, because I always like to challenge others and myself)
- Non-judgmental (Being able to accept any info and address it with unbiased opinions is how I live, any strong biased judgement turns me away)
- Similar Humour (I didn't think this would be a big deal until I was in a relationship where my humour made my partner sad or disgusted. I have a very dark sense of humour that should never be taken seriously)

- Gamer (I always dream to share this passion with someone special)
- Weeb (Using the term in a joking sense, but I personally love Anime, JPop, JRPG's, and the list goes on)
- Non-Caucasian (This isn't finite. Even though I am white, I personally find white people the least attractive race (Not saying there isn't really attractive ones though))
- Preferred Race: Asian (I can't explain it, but a large majority of Asians are very beautiful)
- Same Love Language (I have been in relationships where Gifts was their love language. I am Quality Time with Physical Touch. When I get an unmatched love language, it caused problems in the relationship, however, I am also willing to compromise and try to suit their love language.)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You are a little picky, obviously since you have a list of desired qualities, but who isn't? I don't know anyone who doesn't have at least some sort of a "whis list".

    • I try to have somewhat of a list due to oast experiences and problems, but I am also open minded, so I try not to be terribly strict to it.
      I am really just trying to find that relationship that works.

Most Helpful Guy

  • You're picky, but...
    I know the thing for you.
    In South Korea, there's a big underground mmo gaming scene (Ex:Black Desert, ArcheAge, etc). There are a ton of guy and girl gamers there in places known as "PCbangs," which is their equivalent to internet cafés. You should learn Korean, get a gaming laptop, and go to S. Korea. If you take care of your appearance regularly, you will have little trouble getting exactly what you want.👌

    • I'm learning Japanese, does that help? 😂

    • Well, there are more Korean girl gamers, from what I've experienced. But Japanese girl gamers? Tsk... good luck!

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What Girls Said 6

  • You: *has ~10+ item list of qualities that you require in a partner*

    You: I’m so not picky. God. Why would anyone think I was? Let me just show this really truly very short list of things my partner has to have and prove that I’m not picky at all!

  • You're very picky, but that's up to you. You just need to accept that it might be harder for you to find a girlfriend.

    • It definitely is harder. 😂
      I felt I was becoming picky, but I thought I would ask the community to see what they think.
      For all I knew, my thoughts were rational and common, I have no idea.

  • Everyone has their own ideal type, so you'll be fine I'm sure

    • I have definitely met a few females that really fit it, but I haven't met a single one yet. Let the adventure continue!

  • Does it matter? You’re still going to want what you want

    • In the end, it truly doesn't matter. What you want is what you want.

      There is definitely a stigma of being too picky, as well as never finding someone. Which I may very well be at risk for both, and it does suck being alone, but being with someone where you can't be happy can feel worse. Especially if you are affecting someone you care about chances of happiness by being with them.

      I have learned these do's and dont's from dating. I have noticed tons of things that work, and other things that will assist me in being happier.
      I hope to one day find someone I can make equally as happy as they make me.

      Who knows my fate though.

  • No you. are not

  • Haha I knew you liked Asian girls because of the non existent breast size you like duh..
    I think you are no picky but don't close the circle I mean who knows a B size girl might steal your ❤️ ;)

    • I fully agree with that. I always remain optimistic and open minded. If I met someone who had the whole package, but lets say breasts were even a C? I could probably learn to live with it and love her unconditionally.

What Guys Said 3

  • The problem isn't that you are picky. The problem is that you have unrealistic views and reek of a lack of self-esteem.

    • Thanks for you opinion. :)

  • You aren't any pickier than the average girl is.

  • I want almost the exact same thing lol


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