If a girl is pretty, guys always want to have sex with her. People concentrate more on her look than inner qualities?

I feel sad now, guys I met always say I'm cute and sex, and treat me like princess because in the end they only have one purpose: to sleep with me.

Do they only want to sleep with the girls that are pretty, and nothing more than that? I don't act like a whore, I have high education and I behave good. Why my situation is always like that? I don't trust guys anymore. If they have the tendency that they want sex, I go away and I hate them
cute and sexy*, sorry for my typo..


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  • It seems you select fuckboys.

    Try to choose those that aren't like those you usually choose.
    Beter up. You aprouch those you like or think he might be something. and seduce him.

    Those looking for something on the inside usually never gives you that kind of compliments, or for that matter treat someone that way.

    Even I as a man begin to wonder what she really are after when she are like that.

    • What do you mean by the last sentence lol

      Who really are? She? She really is?

    • If some girl begin to treat me in that way you implies men treat you, I begin to wonder what she is really after, if she are after to use me in some way, if she is buttering me up for something messed up. (if that person are trying to manipulate me or if that person have learned some messed up way how to seduce me)

      hope this doesn't get to confusing for you and probably some spelling errors also on my side.

    • Thanks for your words. I suggest you to improve your English

  • I think that most guys are just looking for hookups rather than long-term relationships. So it's nothing personal. It's just the culture we now live in.

    • why not having a long-term relationship? You can have long-term sex then

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    • I don't know if he is going to ask me out anymore, or even he asks me out, I don't know if I will go with him. I didn't reply him after he sent me the message, it remained "unseen".

      I feel sad. Girls that are not pretty can have a relationship easier because if guys like them, that mean they like their personalities, and that lasts longer. It's sarcastic

    • Haha don't say that. I'm sure you will meet your prince charming and be happily in love ❤

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