Does she LIKE like me? And what do I do?

I've been studying with this girl for the last 5 months now suddenly I've gotten this huge crush that will not go away...
I am a pretty likeable guy and I chat with everyone including girls.
Note that I am a quite good looking guy that reject girls on a regular basis as I have always only been interested in the long term thing.
Now.. this girl has all my attention lately. We spend pretty much all of our times together both in and off school and go partying etc...
Before my crush I regularly caught her looking at me and I would hold eye contact for a second or two until she looked away.
She is not really shy at all and a strong independent woman.

However... there is no real vocal or physical "chemistry of love" whenever we are together and she keeps calling me stupid nicknames.

Does this girl like me or am I drowning in the friendzone?
How can I find out and what do I do?


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  • I would suggest just going for it, try asking her if she would like to be more than friends.


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