Is it a good idea to have a relationship while going to university?

I feel like having to care about someone would drain my energy even more. Am I right in presuming that?


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  • If you find the right person, this question will be entirely irrelevant. When you get that feeling that she's something you don't want to be without, it won't be a bad idea. Flings and one night stands would be bad in my opinion, because that's only pure distraction and nothing else.

    • I'm the "one and only" type, so flings and stuff are worse than the devil to me.
      I'm just getting kinda tired of worrying and looking, and I'm trying to find out if I should keep it up, or forget about it.

      I've had the right person. Two of them, actually. So I know what that's like. Unfortunately I wasn't the one for them.

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  • Depends on what you’re studying. I’m at my university for a fairly short amount of time, and then I’ll be heading to the police academy. I’m going to start meeting women around that point instead of while I’m university just because it’s not too long until I graduate and I really want to maintain my straight A’s and do other things like go to the gym and jiujitsu.

    • Mechatronics engineering. At least 3.5 years.

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    • What do you mean? You can meet women anywhere lmao
      Grocery store
      While jogging
      Etc... list is endless

    • The problem is that I'm not like that. I go to the grocery store to buy supplies. I jog to burn calories. I go to the gym to work out. Club: dance. Bar: talk to my friends. So on and so on. Meeting new people isn't included anywhere.

      Once I'll get an ok job, the only places I'll visit will be home, my car, my workplace, the gym, the supermarket and the gas station.
      I don't see how I might meet anyone "optimal" in those places.

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  • A lot of people have relationships in uni! So it seems fine from an outside view. Though in an ideal relationship it shouldn't be too draining, and your partner should understand if you need time to yourself.

    • "Time to myself"... I'd like her to be a part of me, and vice versa. But that's just so difficult to find.
      I think I should've asked whether dating is a good idea. Cause that's the worst. Finding an acceptable partner.

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    • Hell.. that's quite the challange you just threw my way. I'll keep that in mind

    • I can understand, though it's well worth the effort. Good luck for the future.

  • Depends what you're following and how much work it requires. I know of students who would rather commit to relationships than the usual "student party life".

  • I'm currently involved in one, it's the first time I feel something like this and this guy lives next door. Not gonna lie, it's very distracting. I haven't been able to focus properly on my studies

    • So it's bad, thanks.

    • Well but that's not a rule. It's how I personally react. It doesn't mean anything. People are in a relationship and still study and work and live their life 😅

    • My greatest issue is putting in the effort at the beginning. Building up trust and bondage are what I find most difficult. My studies stress me enough as it is.
      Thanks for the input tho

  • Depends on you. Some people can cope fine with it, others can't. I'm in university and I'm in a relationship and we have a child. I know quite a few people at university who are in relationships

    • Well I don't really know what an effect actually being in a relationship would have on me. I've been trying to start one for the past months, but I can't seem to interest women enough..

    • by the way props to you! Studying like that must be tough af.

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  • Eh... not really. University isn't that hard. Nor is caring about someone.

    • It seems like to me most women aren't motivated enough in the beginning. So it's all up to me... keeping up the conversations, being interesting every day, asking for a date, show interest. And I can't do that for longer than a few a days without them returning any interest and effort.

    • Lmao, if you're putting all the work into a relationship then that's not a good relationship.

    • Glad we aggree...

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