Talkative or shy in a party, which kind of girl do European guys prefer?

I'm in Europe and sometimes i go for parties or other gatherings. It's kind of awkward not to talk to people in these events. So i always introduce myself to strangers, trying to know more people. but sometimes being talkative and open make me feel tired, actually i just want to be quiet in the corner... but in that case maybe i'll lose the chance to know more guys? cuz many guys in Europe are quite shy and won't come to you if you are also acting shy... i'm wondering what kind of girl do european guys like in the party?
by the way, is it weird if i ask for a guy's facebook (eg: after meeting in a college society) or linkedin (in a formal party with colleagues) after our first talk? cuz guys usually don't initiate to do this and we'll lose contact


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  • I mean I suppose it does really depend on European country in question, because I would imagine that the more tradionally oriented countries would have more guys who are active in their pursuits where as countries like mine, it would be no wonder if you would have to be the active one as we don't really have a culture for small talk or such. Unless people are drunk of course and that a whole other dimension.

  • Do some girls like the guys?


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  • In general it's easier to talk to people who aren't shy.


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