Girls, Need Help?

So there's this girl at work and I was told that she liked me. Well I approached her and we talked for a bit (social media exchange, etc.) A few days later, a false rumor went around that I had said some disrespectful things to another female co worker and she just abrubtly stopped talking to me and leaving me on read. I dont know what to do. Now im just confused.

Plus, there's another problem. I am really good at talking to girls, and i am usually a really big flirt and am not scared to walk to a girl and tell her she looks good. But for some reason when she walks into the room I am in or vice-versa, Im thrown into a whirlpool. I can't stop shaking from being nervous on what to say and I just get all shy, which is far from my personality.

What should I do to try to let her know I am not claimed I was and how do I overcome shyness, a feeling I have never felt before.


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  • Admit to her the feelings you want to express. Briefly explain the false rumor, and try to make her listen to you for a moment.

    Where's the confidence in you? You can approach girls, so this shouldn't be any different other than the fact you really like her.
    Just be yourself, and it's up to her whether she'll believe you or the rumor but she should know what you have to say about it.


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