Girls: What do you think about 27yo unkissed guys?

What do you think about men 27 or older who never had a relationship, sex or even a kiss, because they never got into the situation for it?


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  • That’s kind of sweet! Could be creepy though. Not one kiss? I’d be curious as to why. I’ve not done much and people say at my age it’s weird.

    • Why creepy?
      I dunno, as I said it just never happened. I'm sorta shy with strangers, don't like clubs and couldn't flirt to save my life.

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    • I wouldn't say I'm happy about it. I'm somewhat frustrated about having missed so many experiences you're supposed to have, but well, can't change that now.

    • Eh yeah but you’ll experience them and it’ll mean more. Be more special

  • I think they're cute because they are so inexperienced and are an adorable kind of awkward

  • Get yourself I'm situation like this then


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