How to let someone know I'm not gay? How to ask them if they are gay?

So I've moved to a new city and being the sociable person I am I talk to a lot of people, which is a good thing for me because I'm trying to find new friends. But during the same time, I have been approached by many people who were gay which then after a while ended up in an awkward rejection and an uncomfortable situation. I don't mind having a gay friend, as the matter of the fact I do but not relationships or dates.
The question is how can I tell if they're looking for a friend or something more and how do I ask them without being rude? and how can I let them know that I'm not gay?


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  • Just have a straight up talk when they reveal that they are gay or if you know they are just let them know how you are glad to have them as your "friend".

    • So it wouldn't be weird if I just asked them?

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    • by past experience, I mean past experience with other gay people.

    • Thank you

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  • Ask them this question the same you write it here they will tell you the way and they will know you are not


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