How do you handle rejection?

I just asked out a guy tonight, he said he had other plans that is we could meet tomorrow. Tomorrow is impossible for me since I have a final the day after.
During the week he said he wanted to go out with me this weekend. Yesterday he went clubbing and tonight he "had plans".
I know that even if I would have said yes to tomorrow he would cancel just before (he did that last week, after he asked me out).
My question is how do you guys would react after this.
You guys think he is just messing with me or if he talks to me again should I give him a chance?


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  • By accepting it hoping for the greater good with a smile


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  • He probably is just messing with you hahaha. A lot of guys do that. But you can usually tell if they are kissing ass or not!

  • Lol lol


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