Not being weirdly awkward when around a bunch of guys hanging with them?

So me and this guy have a thing and have hung out a couples (we dated for a week last year). He is popular and has a lot of friend and me other the other hand I don’t. But I feel like I’m kinda awkward when I hang with him and all his friends but I never know what to say or talk about unless it’s about hunting because that’s all me and his friends have in common but how do I not be so quiet and awkward when hanging around a bunch of guys. Also or do guys not really care if I’m just sitting by the guy I have a thing with and only talking a couple of times.


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  • Don't worry guys have the same problem, okay so what i do is first of all listen but then ask questions on what there talking about and learn what they like and from time to time (don't go over the top) research into what they talk about and that way when they discus what they normally do you can be talking about it too and know what to say.

    With a bunch of guys you do have to speak a bit loader because guys normally can be loud 🙈


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