Did I make a mistake by sleeping with him on our second date?

We’ve known each other for about 4 years. We had a friend in common. The first time i saw him i asked my friend (the one we have in common) who that was, he told me he was in a relationship. However i felt so attracted to him (he’s everything i want in a man). Since then we met 3 times at several parties since we basically attend the same milieu. I later heard he asked about me too but couldn’t make a move since he was committed. About 6 months ago we met again this time we talked a little then we went clubbing with friends. There was something about the way he looked at me and held me. After that night he asked to see me i said i was busy. He tried few times then let go. Last week he texted me again asking me on a date this time i said yes. Unfortunately my schedule got messed up so i canceled it and apologized asking him if we could meet the next day he said yes. He took me a very nice french restaurant. The chemistry was perfect. (Ps he’s no longer in a relationship for over 2 years). We had a great time and asked for a second date on the spot which i agreed to. The next day he made dinner at his place it was soo good then we watched a movie (technically we didn’t cuz we were talking the whole time lol). He put his head on my laps and put my hands on him. Few mins later we started kissing as soon as ut wanted to go far i stopped him but i just couldn’t resist and we made love. He told me he likes me very much and after all these years we meet again. The next morning i had to leave for work he took me to my car. Then called me later during the day. His friends are supposed to come for a visit from france for a week. So we might not meet or something. I’m so scared that we moved too soon. He asked me not to overthink cuz i was worried assuring me that he likes me very much. I don’t know what to believe. Do u guys think he took advantage of the fact that he always knew i like him? He hasn’t even texted me good night. Am i being too demanding?


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  • You couldn't resist and you went for it.
    So I will trust your judgement of his character when you went for it.
    It sounds like he is an Ok guy, he drove you to your car and called later on also.. you mentioned that he had friends coming in, maybe he is busy with them.. or he just might be not a pushy guy , laying low a bit instead of chasing you. Call him to see how he is doing.. text is not the best method of building a relationship.

  • Yup he did

    • WHAT makes you believe so?

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    • Yeah u might be right

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