Move on, or try?

I’ve probably answered my own question, but I met this girl a few days ago, a little younger than me -whom I asked out on a date, and they had agreed to go out on one with me. After texting back an forth (with hours of difference in her response times) I’ve figured that I am not that interested in them anymore. Why would anyone agree to go out on a date, then take up to 24hrs to respond (literally the next day) to get back to me. I get it, that she may not be interested, or even busy- but why agree and even set a location to meet up then take forever to respond. I’m thinking of just moving on, because I’d rather her say that she’s not interested, than reply back hours later when the moment is lost. What do you guys think? How do I deal with this because usually I don’t have this much of a hard time.
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What Girls Said 2

  • In personal experience the only time I’ve ever been like that when responding to a guy is when I’ve been so unbothered by them and generally not interested, sounds like she’s keeping you around as back up

    • So move on? Yeah I’m beginning to think I may be a backup.

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    • Haha thanks for your input, appreciate it. Wow, I’m still peeved. Oh well, moving on.

    • Sorry, being the optimist that I am, should I even bother replying to her “yep thanks” ? Or just delete the conversation? I still feel angry about the fact that she wasn’t bothered telling me a straight up answer -which is all I wanted.

  • Move on


What Guys Said 1

  • Why is it necessary to have a text conversation now? She's agreed to the date, talk on the date. If she flakes on you and doesn't end up seeing you, move on. If the date goes bad, move on. But don't just cancel it now without even going on the date that you've both agreed to just because she doesn't respond to your pointless pre date texts as quickly as you'd like.

    • True. I think I might just bring up the date again and ask for a concrete response this time? I’m also planning on reciprocating the time she took to respond back? What’s your take on the situation?

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    • See my replies to Sophie1916. I think I’m officially done. Waste of time, thanks for your input though!

    • I see, no worries man. All the best.

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