Why does this always happen to me?

I went out with a guy from tinder, and he said he's looking for a solid serious relationship. He works hard and is a farmer, he paid for my meal, held the door open. And when he left he said he enjoyed the date. Then we set up another date for this coming Saturday and he texts me at least once a day which is unusual he sometimes sends me a snap but I notice his snap points go up. I don't know, just seems like I'm too ugly for men so they stop pursuing me... maybe I'm not good enough for anyone.. he probably deserves better than me.


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  • Stop your shit, and go out with the guy. While it would be great if you valued yourself as much as that guy seems to you, it would be silly for you not to allow a nice guy to show you what he sees in you. Live a little, and dont be so hard on yourself.


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  • sigh im on the other side thinking why women aren't in to me. dont think ur not good enough. he agreed to a date so u at are at least a attractive to him a small bit.

  • Oh shutup.. nothing like that. maybe he's too busy farming his crops instead of u

  • I think he's interested in you because you ARE good enough for him. A guy doesn't date a girl just to waste their time or anything, and definitely not to the extent of paying for their meal if they felt like she wasn;t worth it.


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