Is Self Deprecation Annoying And Unattractive?


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  • Yes and no... I like being able to build someone up, but i this also tiring to get someone always speaking badly about themself

    • I do it all the time, I have low self esteem, self worth and confidence

    • That is a case where I would like to be able to be a constant encouragement... It's when people joke around about it that tires me out

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  • yes. Especially both factors.

    • What if you dont feel good about yourself and just can't make yourself feel good or confident? I just feel like, Im worthless, weird, ugly, annoying and stupid.

    • You should really try to find someone to support you in working toward a goal of reversing your current mindset. Because this is psychological, you will need to mentally "force" yourself to see yourself in a more positive mindset.

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